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Curtis Law Group is representing clients all across the country who have been injured after taking the pharmaceutical drug Truvada.  Gilead Sciences, Inc. manufactured Truvada and similar drugs that were designed to treat and prevent the symptoms of HIV/AIDS.  The claims against Gilead are that the company actually had a safer alternative set of drugs, with significantly fewer side effects, but Gilead delayed bringing the safer drugs to market until the patents ran out on Truvada.


The different drugs involved in these claims include Truvada (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) and other products:

     Truvada was designed both for pre-exposure prophylaxis "PrEP" to help prevent the spread of HIV, and for treatment of the symptoms of HIV

     Atripla (also known as Efavirenz) was used for the treatment of the symptoms of HIV, not for prophylaxis

     Complera (also known as Rilpivirine) used for treatment of the symptoms of HIV

     Stribild (also known as Elvitegravir, Cobicstat or Emtricifabine) used for treatment of the symptoms of HIV

     Viread (also known as Tenofovir DF) used to treat both Hepatitis B and HIV


The injuries caused by these drugs include 

     Acute and chronic kidney disease - damaging the kidneys because of the way the drugs interact with the kidney

     Kidney failure - the result of continuing damage to the tissues of the kidney

     Fanconi Syndrome - a specific sort of kidney damage

     Osteopenia and osteoporosis - weakened or brittle bones or diminished bone density


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